Modern Design Trends in a…bird’s nest?

My sister, Jennifer, showed me this video that I think pretty well encapsulates the biggest current design trends:

Though it’s slightly embarrassing, I’m by no means innocent of this trend, as you can quite obviously see:

In our guest bedroom/office (above),


In our master bedroom,


In our living room,


and Entry hall.  Just to name a few places.  My attraction to bird silhouettes has gotten so out of control that my family members automatically assume I’ll like something just because it has a bird silhouette on it (which is sadly true most of the time).  I think what it boils down to though is that my personal style is modern with a classic twist.  The bird seems to be the official mascot of modern classic style these days.  If you haven’t hopped on the “Put a bird on it” train yet, I’m sure after watching this video you’ll start noticing bird silhouettes everywhere.


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