We Moved!

I’m not usually one for excuses, but there are several big reasons it’s been nearly a month since my last post: 1) My part-time job as a design associate with the Charlottesville firm, Andrew Thomas Architect, is now a nearly full-time position where I’m primarily managing my first construction project (btw, you should ‘like’ us on Facebook);  2) I’ve still been spending my evenings working as a freelance designer, and 3) Alex and I moved yesterday into a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house.

In fact, I’ve been so busy that we didn’t even get to start packing until Saturday afternoon and we only stopped when we ran out of boxes at 3 am on Monday morning.  Because I’ve moved somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 times in the last 5 years, we decided to pay to hire movers this time.  It was a bit more expensive than I was hoping for, but aside from the intense packing leading up to the day, it was the most relaxing move I’ve ever experienced.

Now, for the backstory:  A friend of ours from church and her husband are recently retired and a few years ago, purchased a fully furnished home in Maine where they had vacationed for many years.  After spending a few summers in their new home, they began to consider living in Maine full time.   As a test run, they plan to live there for a year a half (two summers and the kicker — a winter).  For a variety of reasons, they needed to maintain their permanent residence here in Virginia.  Because their other house is already furnished, they wanted to leave most of their furniture and possessions here and needed someone to look after their things and the house.  And so, they very kindly offered us the opportunity to come long-term house sit for them.  It was perfect timing for us — our lease ends in a few weeks and it just so happens that this arrangement will work out quite nicely for our wallets.  They were also incredibly kind to sort and consolidate the majority of their things and furniture into a few select areas of the house (mostly an upstairs storage room, one bedroom, and the basement) so that we could move our furniture in as well.  In short, this is an incredible opportunity and a huge blessing for us.  We’ll be able to test our hand at homeownership, save some money for a house of our own, and they even gave us permission to paint and decorate as we so choose.  Hopefully, you can look forward to some (slightly more frequent) posts about that in the near future).

Now, for some before photos:

Front of the House

Back Deck

Backyard (did I mention we’re living in the country now?)

Entry Hall (a few weeks back)


Powder Room

Coat Closet (a few weeks back)

Office (a few weeks back)

Kitchen (a few weeks back)



Living – fireplace


Upstairs Bedroom #1

Upstairs Bedroom #2

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

(There is also one more bathroom and one more bedroom in the house, plus a small storage area and a linen closet upstairs).

Full unfinished basement with laundry

All I have to say is we are so incredibly blessed.


3 thoughts on “We Moved!

  1. Lauren
    – As the rest of us know, you have done and given so much of yourself to others that you deserved this “house sitting”
    Love You

  2. The house looks beautiful. I’m sure you and Alex will enjoy it. Hope to catch up next time we are in Charlottesville

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