Unpacking Progress – Master Bedroom

Well, it’s taken all of a month but we’ve finally reached a level livability in our house (in case you haven’t heard about our move, read more here).  The master bedroom was actually the first room that we (mostly me) unpacked, but I just got around to getting out the last few boxes, hanging curtains, etc. this weekend.  I would show the other rooms, but I’ve been working so much I haven’t had a chance to photograph them in the daylight.

Sorry for the dim lighting in these as well – it was dusk when I was photographing.  My first goal in unpacking was to reach a level of organization/decoration that I could live with for awhile.  Living in chaos makes me anxious so I’m glad to have things somewhat put away and decluttered.  At the moment, we’re just reusing everything we had in the bedroom in our apartment – where the entire color scheme revolved around the dark gray walls.  In here, there’s a lot of white on off white going on.  My hope is to get around to reinventing the space a little more.  You may also notice the 96″ curtain panels that are leftover from our apartment where we had 9′ ceilings.  Rather than hem them, I decided to mount them by the ceiling to give the illusion of height.

Yep, white on off-white.

In our lovely little mock bay-window, I put my Ikea chair and necklace display, along with my college fan to combat the heat that rises straight up the stairs and into our room.

We have an abundance of bookcases in this house and multiple options as to where to put them, but I decided to keep this one in the bedroom (since we had it in our room before).  I placed it next to Alex’s dresser to balance the height of the curtains on the other end of this wall.

In the master bathroom, I reused a curtain that we used to have in our guest room and added a few accessories that we already owned.  There is no medicine cabinet in this room so we’re using one that I happened to already own from Target.  I used it as a curio cabinet growing up and then again in our last bedroom to display collectibles that Alex brought back from Russia.  Eventually, I hope to find some fabric to tape behind the glass.  Who thought it would be a good idea to display your deodorant behind a glass door?  We’re using those baskets, which we bought from Ikea to hold favors at our wedding, for things we used to keep in drawers back in the apartment (makeup for me, extra toothbrushes, etc for Alex).

I also decided to invest in a new shower curtain that coordinated a little better with the gray scheme in our bedroom.  This one’s from Target.  We already had the white towels.  We’re using our beige/green/brown shower curtain in the guest bath.

More later.  Despite an absurd number of bugs that live in and around the house, we’re enjoying it here so far (I saw a barn spider in our basement a few weeks ago that I literally thought was a tarantula).







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